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Photo of P.S. Rangaswamy

P.S. Rangaswamy, the grand old owner of PSR, still weaves in the old fashioned way sometimes. According to his son, R. Jagadeesh, his father began weaving at a time when there were no computer-aided designs and punched cards. "Even the motifs were painstakingly introduced by hand," he says. That is the reason our grandmothers' saris seemed heavier... More

What client say ?

Amazing collection and lovely colors. They always have the latest in town. Above all feels really good when I visit india to go to PSR with my lovely collection of sarees

8 yrs of relationship with PSR starting from my engagement, we celebrate all our functions with PSR unique collections. Usually spend a day there shopping for my kids,myself,hubby and my relatives. So I always feel Idhu namma shop pa

Loved shopping PSR for its unique designs and that provide customer friendly services